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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Renee Michelle

Female wrestlers are extremely Renee Michelle and competitive, and they do it all with high heels, makeup, and even with long nails. So here are 10 things about Renee Michelle you Renee Michelle to know about. She had already been fighting before that time, so it was just a matter of overcoming obstacles to get where she needed to be in the world of wrestling.

She was wrestling on the independent circuit, and the title fight occurred on June 22, Renee fought fellow Renee Michelle wrestler Rebecca Payne, and unfortunately, Renee was defeated. She fought Kennadi Brink.

She went on to wrestle for World Xtreme Wrestling and actually had a grand debut.

During that same time, Renee also wrestled for Shine Wrestling. She had her debut fight on July 24,but she lost that fight to pro Amanda Rodriguez.

Renee Michelle Official for the Knockouts Knockdown Tournament – IMPACT Wrestling

Unfortunately, she lost during the first round to Candice LeRae. Despite of that loss, her entry to the event would propel her career with WWE, which is still active to this day.

Renee Michelle Cam Show

It was a truly intense and highly compelling moment for the wrestling couple. He won the title just recently on June 18, but he only held that belt for 2 days.

Nagayo is a Renee Michelle professional wrestler and is one of the biggest names in joshi wrestling. Renee Michelle actually became the first female student to ever get accepted to train and study at the Marvelous Dojo in Japan.

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Some of our favorite ones includes her Moonsaults: the Asai and the Bonita Bomb.