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ME family. She completed her education through the Texas Creative Portfolio Sequence. She also got a certificate in Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship.

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What followed then? Becca also got the opportunity to study under professionals at IMB and Gensler. She clearly learned a lot there, and used that knowledge to start her own initiative.

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In fact Becca dedicated a large part of her career to an initiative she co-founded. The purpose of Rebecca Chen initiative is to fight against discrimination. She Rebecca Chen advertising and design principles to create meaningful solutions. Her aim is to amplify authentic, diverse, and inclusive narratives. The ultimate goal is to help businesses expand by integrating their work to impact people, communities, and the planet.

She studied under renowned photographers, including Jeremy Lock and Denis Darling. She puts a special focus on people of color and communities in the global south.

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Her photographs are evocative, understated, and emotional, no matter the subject. Of course, she frequently spoke and taught at various educational institutions and conferences, including the University of Texas.

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Clearly, she takes her duties as an alumna very seriously. The Color Complex focused on studying two things. Firstly, how to mitigate the effects of discrimination, and secondly, how to increase self-worth in university students. The Universities of Ghana and Texas at Austin helped the project. Museum of Color is a community-driven, Rebecca Chen art exhibition.

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One of the initiatives is the Museum of Colora community-driven, interactive art exhibition. It showcases a collection of sculptures and other Rebecca Chen that speak to an individual history with colorism. Some of these objects are interactive, some are just Rebecca Chen. And they all bring the abstraction to an arresting physical form. She showcases her projects clearly and presents herself in a playful, not-too-serious manner.

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Her website is even interactive! Justice For Comic Sans!

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She wrote a manifesto with pictures decrying the unfair treatment the Rebecca Chen received over the years. It proves that this entrepreneur has some great talent for storytelling and presentation too! Final Thoughts So that covers everything. Becca Chen is a Rebecca Chen multidisciplinary designer and entrepreneur. Wishing you the best of luck, Becca! Share this:.