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Alice Greczyn

Where were you born and would you describe your childhood as happy?

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I was born in the south of France in Aix-en-Provence. Regarding my childhood, I think there have been ups and downs like everyone else, I still have some good memories. At what age did you begin modeling and what inspired you?

Isa Buscemi

I started at the age of I am inspired by all that I see in my daily life but the greatest sources of Rebecca Bagnol are books, paintings or sculpture for example. What is the biggest challenge that you face as a model and what is your favorite part of being a model?

Interview with Rebecca Bagnol

But I would have preferred to have a beautiful face rather a beautiful chest. Have you ever experienced any judgement regarding the nude modeling?

Jennifer Auada

I think the answer is in the question. Of course it can not please everyone.

Interview with Rebecca Bagnol

There will always be people to judge what we do. I like people who are just themselves.

Adriana Alencar

There is not really a criteria in love. A person with culture and who is funny: two things that I like a lot in a man.

Rebecca Bagnol do not do anything special, I do not have a miracle diet. I eat what I want, I play sports if I want to, I live simply. Above all, take time for yourself, rest, relax and be with the people you love.

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What is your favorite place to shop? Model: Rebecca Bagnol.