Reality Stars Escort Delaware

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Mia Yim

It’s Bachelor Nation star Jason Tartick. The two men share similar brown eyes, widow’s peaks, noses and chins!

Kinessa Johnson

Yep, both beauties share similarities when it comes to their hair, nose and lips — and a Reality Stars for a good smokey eye. From the eyes to the smiles, these two look surprisingly alike despite their drastically different backgrounds.

Reality Shows That Treated Contestants Like Trash

Can you tell these beauties apart? Their eyebrows, noses and smiles are nearly identical! Viewers were vocal about how much the model and actress-dancer Jenna Dewan look alike. Islanders on season 6 of Britain’s "Love Island" couldn’t get over how much contestant Luke Mabbott looked like Justin Bieberand neither could viewers!

Luke, a Brit who came in third with Reality Stars Demi Jones, certainly does bear a striking resemblance to the Canadian pop star. As soon as contestant Jack Matthews walked into Reality Stars "Big Brother" season 21 house, his fellow Reality Stars were quick to point out his celebrity doppelganger — "Aquaman" star Jason Momoa!

Brooks Nader

When "Love Island’ contestant Megan Barton Hanson entered the villa during the British reality show’s fourth season, islanders and viewers alike all marveled at her resemblance to actress Margot Robbie. Reality Stars herself, an avid "Love Island" Reality Stars, weighed in on the comparisons, telling British outlet Metro, "I personally don’t see the resemblance.

Check out his crazy resemblance to Eddie Redmayne — from their similar smiles to near-matching noses! The blondes share a similar face and nose shape and, apparently, both love wearing hot pink!

Diddly Asmr

Jared’s been credited with getting the former "That ’70s Show" star hooked on the popular reality series. Aside from often sharing the same red hair color, the two have nearly identical smiles.

Tammy Rivera

We’ve found another Property Brother! Yep, Harry Connick Jr. Here’s an unexpected look-alike duo! If Mauricio would just throw on a pair of glasses, it might be tough to tell them apart!

Reality Stars Cam Show

Are you "Flipping Out" over this pair of look-alikes? When season Reality Stars of "Big Brother" debuted, fans couldn’t help but notice that one houseguest looked very familiar! Contestant Kaitlyn Herman could have passed for Nicole Richie ‘s twin. The reality star Reality Stars features with Will Forte.

If "The Real Housewives of New York" scene stealer Sonja Morgan ever decides to cut her hair, we know which iconic actress she’ll get mistaken for!

Reality TV stars who look like Hollywood celebs

Sonja looks a lot like the legendary Glenn Close. Though there’s a nearly year age difference between them, the two could pass for sisters.

Do you see the resemblance? We think Erika could pass for a younger Catherine — too bad "Schitt’s Creek" has wrapped!