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Diverse perspectives We feature K teachers with a wide range of identities, lived experiences, teaching experiences, and educational contexts.

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We seek to highlight voices that are often missing from the dominant narratives in education. Sustainable workloads We help teachers Real Teacher mindset and productivity tools to create balance and find a sustainable approach to their workload. We prioritize energy-giving tasks to help teachers maintain their enthusiasm and creativity. Decisions about teaching should not be made without teachers. So, we use our platform to amplify the voices of classroom practitioners.

We seek out a diversity of perspectives and honor the wide range of experiences teachers have in K schools.

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We focus on teachers in the United States, but welcome and learn from the voices of educators around the world. We encourage them to speak openly and transparently about all they are experiencing. We believe in the relentless pursuit Real Teacher truth by uncovering history, facts, and experiences that have been obscured or whitewashed. We are constantly learning Real Teacher growing, and sharing that process with other educators.

Therefore, we focus not only on professional development, but also personal development. We delve deeply into topics of mindset, unpacking personal bias, habits for strong mental health, and overall teacher wellbeing.

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The goal is to provoke self-examination and help Real Teacher be the best true version of themselves. We believe in a humanized approach to education, addressing not only the needs of the whole child but the whole teacher.

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The physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing of both children and educators is our central concern, and does not come secondary to academic goals. We do Real Teacher believe in martyring ourselves to meet impossible expectations or overburdening students with irrelevant assignments and excessive testing. Instead, we Real Teacher teachers in focusing on what makes the biggest impact for kids, and setting boundaries on how much time they—and their students—dedicate to less impactful tasks.

Kids learn best from happy, supported, balanced teachers. We believe teaching is inherently impacted by the larger political, cultural, societal, and institutional frameworks that our schools operate within.

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We believe that a free high quality public education is not only the right of every child, but essential for the greater good of a nation. We respect parental Real Teacher, and support teachers working in private and charter schools. We also have a deep passion for strengthening our public school system through equitable learning conditions for kids and sustainable working conditions for educators. We seek to help teachers find a sustainable approach to their work in order to maintain their enthusiasm and creativity.

We support them in identifying practices that make Real Teacher best use of class time and help meet the needs of all students, without burning out. We believe our mission is up for questioning but not up for debate. We invite healthy discussion initiated in good faith for the purpose of clarification. And, we welcome all educators in this space.

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In the interest of cohesion and forward progress, we focus on the needs of educators who share our core values. We do not compromise the work of our community Real Teacher center the perspectives of those who are disinterested in or opposed to our goals.