Raven Symone Escort Ohio

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Elizabeth Rage

She was born in Atlanta, Georgia but her family recognized her star power early on and moved to New York City to begin building her brand.

Leslie Grossman

Raven first appeared on The Cosby Show Raven Symone the age of four in A few years later she joined the second season of Hanging With Mr. Her first film role was an appearance in The Little Rascals, followed by Dr. Dolittle in The show ran for four seasons. She was growing tired of the only profession she knew and she faced constant bullying about her weight.

Molly Schade

By the age of 25, Raven was ready to retire. She took a three-year hiatus and returned to the screen in She became a panelist on the popular daytime talk show, The View.

Claire Coffee

The show has had four seasons with Raven serving as an executive producer.