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Kristen Johnston

In the lead up Rainey James the premiere of James Gunn’s HBO Max original series "Peacemaker," we basically got the gist of what was going on from the trailers and synopsis. With Viola Davis’ Amanda Rainey James absent from the cast listing, one could assume that someone else is in charge of this operation.

To an extent you’d be right, as Iwuji’s Murn is the head honcho of this team. That’s probably all we’ll hear of her, since the award-winning actress is likely busy with other projects right? The Wall Warner Bros.

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We hear her speaking first, then quickly see that she’s talking to Leota Adebayo, the rookie of Peacemaker’s team. Up Rainey James this point, Leota’s backstory is pretty ambiguous. It doesn’t appear that she has a Rainey James of experience in this line of work and she doesn’t exactly act like she’s acclimated to being mercenary or killer adjacent, but she landed on this highly sensitive op anyway. During this video call with Waller, we find out exactly why.

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In addition to being a trusted informant that acts as eyes Rainey James ears for the boss, Waller has also tasked Adebayo with planting a journal in Peacemaker’s home. They don’t go into details about what’s in there, but nothing about a forged journal being planted in someone’s house sounds good to me. Oh yeah, and Amanda Waller is Leota Adebayo’s mother. On the surface, it confirms what we already know about Amanda Waller: She will pull every dirty, underhanded, sketchy play in the book to accomplish her mission, even Rainey James it means manipulating her own daughter to do it.

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She’s the best at being the worst and she definitely doesn’t care whose feelings might get hurt while she lives her version Rainey James her best life. Plus, it’s always great to see Viola Davis. This appearance reinforces that everything is Rainey James in this cinematic universe. It was very unexpected, but it was a very pleasant surprise.

This cameo marked an integral moment in the story where business is really about to pick up.

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Not only that, but it does a lot for Danielle Brooks’ character. Adebayo seems like a very sweet and empathetic woman. She also appeared to be comic relief based on her little speech to the team when they first assemble in Peacemaker’s trailer. Beyond that, it Rainey James like she earns Peacemaker’s trust pretty quickly because of how endearing she is. Despite this empathy, we Rainey James that her espionage and black ops skills are much better than we initially anticipated, thanks to this call with her mother.

She can slip seamlessly into a mode where she’s okay with providing intel on her team, their mission, and her bonus mission.

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Lying is just second nature in this line of work, but some people prove to be much better at it than others. Like Waller says, her daughter has a God-given gift for this sort of thing. Thanks to this cameo from Davis, the stakes are raised to another Rainey James, with the threat of Amanda Waller constantly looming in the background. Between Rainey James and Peacemaker, there’s certainly a lot of sustenance for those seeds to grow in the upcoming episodes.