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Rahki Giovanni is an American bodybuilder, personal trainer, as well as a social media influencer. She is mainly famous for her thick muscular body and her legs. Rahki Giovanni year, she celebrates her birthday on 4th August and her horoscope is Leo.

Rahki holds an American nationality while she belongs to a mixed ethnical background Puerto Richan and Haitian. She earns this Rahki Giovanni through her career as a personal trainer and social media influencer. Her body weight is 80kg.

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Further, Giovanni has got a lot of tattoos Rahki Giovanni her body. Is Rahki Giovanni Single? Yes, Rahki Giovanni is single at the moment. She is busy making her career rather than involving in any kind of relationship or love affairs. Other Works Besides, she is also a health enthusiast and she is conscious of her nutrition and food.

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She regularly follows a healthy diet plan with high-nutritional values. Due to this, she has been able to transform her body into an appealing curvy body that she is Rahki Giovanni to be today. Caption: Rahki Giovanni Giovanni doing some workouts on her gym Photo: Reddit Her Story to Media Rahki Giovanni has undergone an astonishing body transformation and she trains other people to achieve the same. Even I struggled in the beginning.

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I do this to help people and make a difference in their lives. After that, she performs bench presses, bends over rows, reps of barbell curls, standing Barbell curls, high and low incline dumbbell presses, and so on. In her early twenties, she was overweight and unfit, existing on a Rahki Giovanni of soda drinks, carbs, sugars, and no exercise.

Later, she decided it was time for a change, Rahki Giovanni she started her workout by doing 1, sit-ups a day hitting the gym hard.

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Caption; Rahki Giovanni, American bodybuilder Photo: Greatestphysiques In the beginning, she would work out for eight hours at a time. By then Rakhi was able to do 75 push-ups and 75 pull-ups and dips every day.

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In the yearshe started pumping iron and adopted a strict diet, workouts, and bodybuilding training. Rakhi promotes Rahki Giovanni on the internet through her social networking sites by posting her videos and photos. She has become an inspiration to many people who want to build their bodies. Also, she continues to impress everyone with her hard work ethic and positive attitude towards life.

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