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Former Olympic swimmer and actress Introducing Ragga Ragnars The Nomadict community is an infinite source of inspiration, also for us. As a result, new ideas and projects emerge. Ragga started swimming at the age of six, and when she was eight she knew she wanted to go to the Olympics. I have always had that mindset; I can do or be anything I want. But it will take time and a lot of effort for Ragga Ragnars of those things to come about. This is when she started working on her other life-long dream — becoming an actress — and headed to LA with her son to study at the New York Film Academy in Burbank, CA.

I could just see myself there, and I made it. Mental visualization and meditation are extremely important in my life. When I was swimming, it was a great way to calm the nerves and the body, to visualize or just give Ragga Ragnars a break. As an actress, it also helps me Ragga Ragnars lines, be sharp when shooting, and calm down from a day of emotions and drama.

When my heart tells me to reach some height, I follow and I smile on my way there. Interview It has been fascinating to hear about your career during our virtual coffee and read about it, and we would love to delve a little deeper in this interview.

To start with, we would love to know where your passion for swimming comes from. I started swimming when I was 6 years old. My parents told me and my siblings we had to pick one sport to do and one instrument to learn. I picked swimming and flute. I wanted to learn how to play guitar but having to carry my swim bag to school every day, carrying a flute seemed like a better deal than a guitar.

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I tried a few other sports but I loved being in the water. It felt good and I liked my coach and teammates. By the time I was 12 I was picked for the junior national team and started training up to 14 times a week. I always loved it and whenever I would get sick of swimming, my parents would support me and tell me Ragga Ragnars was okay to quit, but that I would just have to pick another sport to do. I always went back to it.

From the Olympics to “Vikings” with New York Film Academy Acting Alum Ragga Ragnars

It just came easily to me to train and have fun doing it. My goal Ragga Ragnars to go to the Olympics and have fun doing it. I would remind myself of what I loved about it all and it always gave me the energy and drive to keep going. But in my case, it never felt like it was too hard. I think it all came down to loving what I was doing. What caught our attention during our call, is that you seem to be a person with a lot of self-discipline, which surely has helped you to reach your goals.

What is the source of this self-discipline and how did you develop this? How do you enable yourself to stick to what you promised yourself and achieve the goals that Ragga Ragnars set for yourself? I do have a lot of self-discipline and I take my own goals seriously.

I set my own goals for myself. I think that any person who sets a goal for themselves, not for the purpose of other people or outside validation, has a much higher chance of actually achieving that goal. Not for applause or fame, not because someone else told me to do it and definitely not to prove anything to anyone. A lot of people seem to be doing that. I know people that have done amazing things, for the wrong reasons and none of those people are happy.

I Ragga Ragnars to my heart. I also always write my goals down. It is a great way to keep track of small victories along the way to the goal. I have also always been very aware of my goals not being the end stop. Ragga Ragnars an Olympic athlete, having nothing to catch you after the big goal has been achieved can be quite harming. A lot of athletes fall into a pit of blues or even depression after a big goal, like the Olympics, has been achieved.

That keeps me motivated and happy throughout my journey towards each goal. In my opinion, having realistic goals and Ragga Ragnars them from your own heart and soul is the key to success. People sometimes only see the extraordinary.

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The highlight. A realistic goal is something that you know you can achieve with all the effort it takes to get there. I have always had that mindset. I can do or be anything I want. I knew at the age of 8 that I wanted to go to the Olympics. I was still too young.

I still needed Ragga Ragnars show up every day to practice and become better. Better than I was the day before. Even once an athlete, or anyone for that matter, has achieved greatness, we still usually just see the highlights. Not a lot of people see that time. They just see the great work you have done and think you Ragga Ragnars it made.

My mindset has always been focused on having fun. We have this life, this incarnation.

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Why not make it fun? No one has the same goals in life. And my view of it is simple, if you love what you do and have fun doing it, it comes easier and faster to you. How was your Ragga Ragnars time competing in the Olympics different from your debut? What four important lessons did you learn in the Olympics and are those Ragga Ragnars relevant in your daily life and career as an actress? The second time I went to the Olympics was different in so many ways.

I was older and wiser. I do a lot of meditating and I read a lot. I love reading books that I can learn from. I would read autobiographies by athletes and extraordinary people, I would read up on religion, meditation, diets, exercising and so on.

I was not as nervous and naive. Both Athens in and Beijing in were amazing to experience, in the state I was in at both games. The beauty of it all still remains very vividly in my mind and I cherish the memories always. Four important lessons from my days as a professional athlete that still carry on into my acting career are: 1. Always show up on time and be prepared That goes without saying but I still strive to always be on time and be prepared, for myself as much as for the rest Ragga Ragnars the team or production that I am working on.

Joking around with coworkers, having friends on set, bringing music or books to read for those dead moments where all you have to do is wait, make it so much better in every way. Be a supportive teammate Even as a competitive athlete in a singles sport, I know how important it is to keep morale up for the whole team. As an actress, being there for the Ragga Ragnars team has so many different aspects. But it matters how you react and recover from setbacks.

If Ragga Ragnars goes wrong, the best thing to do is to Ragga Ragnars going and not beat yourself up about it for hours, even days. I think that would be the top 4 lessons I take with me from swimming to my acting. I love working out and staying in shape. Being a mom has definitely made it a bit harder to work out as much as I would like but I always find ways to stay active.

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I do a lot of hiking and I go to the gym and the pool regularly. Being an actress is also sometimes very physical and I feel better staying in good shape so I can meet my work and my roles head on without being winded after the first take.

Not surprising considering that you always had an interest in Ragga Ragnars. Can you tell us a Ragga Ragnars bit about this other passion of yours and how it was to start a new chapter in your life? After I had my son inI wanted to study Ragga Ragnars. It was always my passion and throughout my swimming career I always had my eye on becoming an actress.

From the Olympics to “Vikings” with New York Film Academy Acting Alum Ragga Ragnars

My next goals were always lined up for me. I went to Los Angeles when my son was 1 years old and he loved being there too. I started with an 8 week course to see if the school and program was Ragga Ragnars good fit for me and I liked it there.

So much so that I called my brother back home in Iceland and convinced him to join me and he did.

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We studied for a year together and it was so much fun. He is a phenomenal actor and he has branched out into filmmaking and makes amazing films now.

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It has always been a second home to Ragga Ragnars. I have no idea where this passion comes from, it just lives deep within me and I feel like what we feel so deeply, has got to be what Ragga Ragnars meant for us. I also love writing and I am very passionate about my role in life as a mother. I love being able to write and work from anywhere. How did acting make you feel in the beginning and how has that changed over time?

What do you think makes the difference between feeling comfortable acting and feeling uncomfortable or even embarrassed?