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The communicator and his wife, the also driver Jimena Pérez, “La Choco”, have faced bad times on more than one occasion because of the ignorance that exists around the autism. Without further explanation SarmientoHe assured that, for the time being, don’t miss twitter where he had dozens of followers. The husband of Jimena Pérez, the “Choco”, who, according to Pati Chapoy, could be the one who headed the program, ruled out that he had been the victim of a sanction by the social network by violating any community norm. In fact, there was no more talk about the issue in the media, but everything seems to indicate that there was a solution. The issue has already been closed and there will be no complaint or legal issues, although he does share that several offices contacted him to offer their support if needed. Atala’s brother, who also changed his residence to Spain after his scandalous departure from Ventaneando, usually shares on important networks moments next to his family.

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The couple has two children, the oldest named Iker and the youngest Iñaki, the latter located within the autism spectrum. Just last weekend Sarmiento shared through his social networks that they were denied entry to a Japanese food restaurant in Mexico for bringing an assistance dog that helps his son to be calm, which he described as discrimination. For Sarmiento, it is sad to see that in the country we are not ready and we still have not achieved the level of empathy necessary to be able to understand people on the autism spectrum.

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“I don’t know how it can bring me a benefit or can I get something in exchange for this situation I’m living in. As if someone were going to pay me for claiming that service dogs have to come in and be included and that it is enforced the law I am going to obtain in exchange a remuneration or some type of benefit, is that it is even insulting “. Rafa Sarmiento He had remained very active on social networks despite the controversies that arose against him, such as the accusations in the movement Me Too Mexico, where he was singled out for harassing women. Questioned by his fans about the reason he left twitter, Atala Sarmiento’s brother assured that “maybe one day he will come back, maybe not. “I don’t pretend to be liked by everyone, I pretend to change things for my son and for the million 200 thousand people with autism in Mexico. Now they are children, they have us behind, but when they are adults I would like at least that there is a less thorny path and that they can be accepted, welcomed, schooled, working, included “.

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