Raechelle Banno Escort Sheffield

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Jocelyn Chew

Raechelle Banno Landry movie series follows Ruby Landry Bannowho after being raised by her loving spiritual healer grandmother in the Louisiana bayou, is ensnared in a world of dark family secrets and betrayal, upon discovering that she has another family living in New Orleans.

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Raechelle Banno

Raechelle, 27, is an Aussie actress who got her start on the long-running series Home and Away. Never have!

Laura Sagra

I trained and competed in dance for about 15 years. Jazz, tap, ballet, contemporary.

My phenomenal grandmother made all of my costumes. I have an obsession with podcasts.

Raechelle Banno Cam Show

I am studying French with Duolingo My very basic high school understanding did come in handy for the Ruby films Raechelle Banno my character speaks French sometimes. I was so nervous to speak it as we shot it in Canada…where people actually know how to speak French!

Ema Horvath

I love to box — I accidentally signed up for classes with former world champion Terry Norris once while spending some time in LA.