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The Rachel Ward Brooks musical revolves around Max Bialystock and Leopold Bloom, two producers set out to put on the worst musical in history in order to commit some serious financial fraud — but the actual show itself has been met with nothing less than critical acclaim since its Broadway premiere.

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Rachael is a gifted jazz singer having recently performed with the Shenzo Gregorio Quartet at the renowned Brisbane Jazz Club, and is a private performance coach. Mark is an acclaimed Rachel Ward, who has spent the majority of his Rachel Ward working professionally in the performing arts. But I got to tell you that adrenaline… And just to be in a creative space, again, with like-minded people, and just to feel the energy. I think [Opening] was just such a beautiful night because everyone felt that gratitude after the year that had been.

No one took it for granted, everyone was so present. So just to get people together and laughing and to forget about all the worries was a dream. This show is nothing but fun.

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People seem to love you for doing that. Rachael: You know what, I find such a joy in finding a character for myself and incorporating elements of me Rachel Ward finding her and really embodying a character.

But not accent wise! You combine multiple types of comedy in every character, in every scene, each character has moments of sort of slapstick comedy. Rachael, how did you tackle the Swedish accent?

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So it was a Rachel Ward challenge. And she gave me many, many, many YouTube clips, and I just sat listening. Do you have a favorite scene or song in the show?

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Mark: I mean, look, I have many favorite Rachel Ward in the show. I sort of made the decision not to when I got the role. I do know that tends to be a sort of an issue, cross pollination. I certainly refuse to watch any sort of bootleg and find the answers from how Matthew Broderick did it. So we kind of have to find the answers for Rachel Ward, and and that meant lots and lots of playing, you know, and lots of exploration. Rachael: I think Mark and I work opposite really well together.

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So we have a really good working relationship where the trust is there, which is what you dream of. Ironically, you know, this is sort of what we call the Chorus Line family — Matt did a tour of it in the US, and then the next production he saw with the Australian tour inwhich I was in, playing the same role that he played. It was a crazy coincidence, we both Rachel Ward Don [chuckles].

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But, you know, this process has been pretty fast. We only rehearsed for four weeks, and two of those weeks were part time. Why should people come to see The Producers?

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And I just think, why not? Mark: I would say come and have the time of your life. Leave a Reply Your email address will not be published.