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Rachel True Reflects On 25 Years Of ‘The Craft’ And Being A Tarot Practitioner And Advocate

Twenty-five years ago came the release of The Craft, a teen supernatural Rachel True film that centered around four outcast teenage girls who pursue witchcraft. The latter is an issue explored through one of the four teens: Rochelle Zimmerman. Portrayed by actress Rachel True tarot practitioner and advocate Rachel TrueZimmerman faces bullying by a group of popular white girls at the Los Angeles high school she attends.

For Zimmerman, she casts a spell on bully Laura Lizzie that leads to her losing her hair. That interest has since manifested in True making her own hybrid memoir and tarot set.

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Titled True Heart Intuitive Tarotthe book not only includes a card deck designed Rachel True True and artist Stephanie Singleton but 22 memoir essays too. The book was released last year in October. Amid the anniversary of The Craft, True spoke with Okayplayer about how the Rachel True attempted to tackle issues that are still prevalent today however clunkyhow her spiritual journey led her to pen and publish a hybrid memoir and tarot set, and her thoughts on the trajectory of Black horror and how Black characters fare in the horror genre.

What did you bring to your role as a result, and what did you take away from it? Rachel True: I think, hopefully, what I brought to Rochelle was a sense of authenticity in her. The Rachel True [teen girls] attempt to own [their] sexuality. And if you [also] notice, our skirts get shorter as our powers get stronger.

We can all agree that Chris Hooker played by Skeet Ulrich is an aggressively and objectively terrible person even prior to Rachel True and her [botched] love spell. So my Rachel True is, why is his demise considered the turning point that shows that Nancy has quite literally lost the plot?

Do you think now that storyline may have taken a different turn? Personally, I think that they [might] still leave it in. You could be Muslim or Jewish or Buddhist and killing [is still] one of the worst.

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I also want to put a theory to fucking bed. And which theory is that? Have you not fucking met Nancy and the rest of the girls? All of them came together Rachel True grow their own power. No, no. What would you say to people who disagree with the notion that the film is about female empowerment?

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Leaving that out is idealistic. It is truthful in that.

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It was a long time ago in the scheme of history today. Why Rachel True we [view] everything through the male gaze? The film makes it a point to illustrate that Rochelle was wrong for wanting her racist bully and tormentor to be cursed, which was a choice. If you had had total control of that storyline, how might it have panned out? Sarah tried to commit suicide. Is [her] skin color considered an impediment? I know as Black people, we kind of hate having to carry the weight of something like that.

It does get tiresome, I Rachel True. But yet, people are still dealing with it. Rachel True just published True Heart Intuitive Tarot, a book of 22 Rachel True essays and a card deck. It did a lot for me spiritually, especially as someone who is still deprogramming from an uber-Baptist upbringing.

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Thank you so much for that. Rachel True so to hear that, it meant something. And my thing is, it works beautifully in tandem with whatever your religion is. But it does [challenge] you viscerally and that gives Rachel True food for thought. And then you can grow and help change the world in yourself. Can you elaborate on that distinction?

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You should be careful about giving your money to Vegas card sharks. There are a lot. Why did you ultimately go the route of turning True Heart into a hybrid memoir and Rachel True set, rather than any other medium? I think it made sense to do it as a book because a lot of people secretly want to write a book. Can you do it?

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In your Cosmopolitan interview, you mention how tremendous it Rachel True to see Black people returning to ancestral religions and spiritualities, as well as exploring the occult. Do you think this is a temporary shift? Or just the beginning? I think people will always experiment with something new. But we are [also] in the age of Aquarius now. I think that of everything though, not just esoteric studies.

You had to [live in] fear [that] someone was going to come down and strike you dead in your chair. Since The Craft, where do you think [Black] horror is headed? I kind of love, in a sense, what they did with Lovecraft Country because I was always an avid reader. I was always put off that I would enjoy a book or Lovecraft story, but then read about what a horrible racist he was.

But I love what they did with that, because they took this racist legacy, acknowledged it in the story, and then turned it on Rachel True head.

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So I think that opened that up. Horrific stories where people just happen to be whatever they are. Frankly, it could go anywhere. Are you going to act again? When the right role comes along. As a University of Chicago graduate with a B. She is also the creator of TheKentTest, a media litmus test designed to evaluate the quality of representation Rachel True exists for women of color in Rachel True and other media.