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After she matriculated, Rachel enrolled at the prestigious Dominion University, after receiving a full scholarship, however, once her studies started, Rachel decided to transfer to American University, from which she eventually obtained a degree in journalism and performing arts. Career Beginnings Before she became a successful television host, Rachel was a YouTube personality; she opened her Rachel Demita channel back inRachel Demita started by uploading videos in regards to fashion and lifestyle, completely different what she does today, right?

Well, she realized basketball was her true love, and so began uploading videos in regards to basketball, such as her shooting drill and basketball dribbles trainingamong others that started showcasing her love for the sport.

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Thanks to these and several other videos, she was spotted by ESPN agents, who offered her a position with this television network. Rise to Prominence Following her recruitment by ESPN, Rachel started appearing in many shows on the network, which helped her get Rachel Demita into the sports industry.

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She has also shared with her fans her trip to the NBA Finals Though she second-guessed her career choice, she turned out to be Rachel Demita successful journalist and television host. So, now that you know all about her accomplishments, do you wonder how rich Rachel DeMita is?

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Well, Rachel stands at 5ft 7ins, which is equal to 1. Her vital statistics are inches.

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Her hair is naturally brown and her eyes are dark brown, if you wondered that as well. You can see Rachel visiting various places, including Disneylandbut also in Rachel Demita studioamong many other posts. She is also active on Twitteron which she has overfollowers, and Facebook, with overfans.