Rachel Cannon Companion Pennsylvania

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Diane Franklin

She also discusses the way that she changed Rachel Cannon marketing in order to attract the right client. Rachel is known for creating classic, fresh, and smart interiors, with details that are both livable and deluxe. As an experienced and licensed interior designer, she leads a team of creative minds who effortlessly mix subtle color and rich architectural features, weaving in the meaningful details of your life.

Rachel Cannon, MD

Show highlights: Rachel discusses her systems and the way that she works with her clients. Why the process keeps refining.

Mei Terumi

How Rachel changed her marketing to attract the right client. A good way of dealing with difficult clients. The value of having a really good contract with your client.

Rachel Cannon Cam Show

Teaching your clients how to work with you. What brought about a turning point for Rachel, regarding the fees she charges.

HER 2021 Award Finalist: Rachel Cannon

Discovering your real value. Getting clear on charging the right amount for your services. Why you really need to document everything that happens with your clients.

Nancy Stafford