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She was born in Hawaii, United States. And also, we were unable to Rachael Ostovich her educational qualification and childhood. There were no such details about her. But yes, growing up she always wanted to be a professional cheerleader and gymnast.

Rachael Ostovich – Early Life, Career, Husband & Net Worth

What went wrong God knows, but God had better plans for her. She was destined to be a fighter. Yes, Of course, She became all All-State 1st team cheerleader as a teenager. But slowly, something got diverted Rachael Ostovich she became a Judo State Champion in wrestling.

Having been hailed from Hawaii, people there support and embrace fighting culture. It was as if fighting Rachael Ostovich something ingrained in her. She never had to learn it. Not only professionally but when it comes to our own professional life, netizens in Hawaii are taught to battle hard in their tough situation.

They do not speak out about their problems but yes they just bang it out. Rachael grew up on the west side where she was all surrounded by the rowdy kids but luckily she never had to face trouble with anyone. She made peace and chilled out as a kid. And not to mention, this must be some kind of demeanor that she owns it, A Lioness who can stay calm Rachael Ostovich times and yet make a fight if necessary. In the coming three years, she gathered an unbreakable amateur record of She went on and on and made her professional debut in MMA in Hawaii.

Rachael Ostovich [ Update]: Early Life, Career & Net Worth

Rachael opted for the all-female Invicta Fighting Championship in December She was placed Rachael Ostovich Evva Johnson at Invicta FC 10 and took over the match or fight by split decision. Eventually, she went undefeated in the third round by verbal submission to an armbar.

She went undefeated via the split decision. She lost the battle via TKQ in the third round. This was also the end of her Invicta Fighting Championship journey. The process to crown the champion was taking place. Rachael was placed against Melinda Fabian in the opening round where she undoubtedly went on defeating her by rear-naked choke submission. She faced Barb Honchak in the quarterfinals and lost the stint by unanimous decision. She won the match in the first round by armbar submission.

Following that, she faced Montana De La Rosa on July 6,at the Ultimate Fighter 27 Finale and lost the battle in the third round via rear-naked choke. But quite an unfortunate event took place on November 18, She was physically assaulted by her husband which got her orbital bones injured. Nevertheless, she survived Rachael Ostovich battle but it was saddening that broke her from her insides. The fight between Rachael and Paige was actually scheduled for November 27 but it got postponed to January 19, That too was possible after her doctor made a clear declaration and permission for her fights.

As a result, Rachael lost the match against Paige but what matters is she did not give up. She chose to stand up and fight.

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And her career went on further despite the Rachael Ostovich hurdles she was Rachael Ostovich. Ostarine positive and Rachael Ostovich months suspension After the ongoing injuries, and competing in the UFC three times, Rachael was again back to the game.

She was about to face Polyana Viana in August but was sidelined for some unknown reason. However, she was out due to a failed drug test. And according to the policy, both kinds of stuff are subject to ignorance at all times for UFC athletes. Rachael, however, was able to prove that she took the contaminated stuff resulting in flagging. As a consequence of this scene, USADA suspended her for eight months and got a four-month credit due to time served under a provisional suspension.

She lost the battle in the third round by TKO from body Rachael Ostovich. Later it was announced that Rachael and Paige were fighting together on the Bare-Knuckle boxing championship. Here Rachael won the fighting via unanimous decision. Rachael Ostovich Personal Life Diving into the personal aspects of life, her married life has not been that bliss.

But, it seems like their mind did not match longer. She has her own story to tell. With her daughter Brutal Assault Not to mention, the couple shares an eight-year-old daughter together. On November 18,Rachael was physically assaulted in her hometown of Honolulu.

‘I was almost going broke fighting in MMA’: Rachael Ostovich says BKFC far more lucrative

Her husband hit her in the face, head, and ribs after a night out with family. She fell to the ground, coughed up blood, and puked many times. However, Rachael survived the physical attack making a smart escape through a balcony. The following day, she filed a case against her husband and granted a temporary restraining order effected until May 19, But it was Rachael who was kind and strong enough to ask for reducing the jail time.

Berdon already spent two days in jail for the evil act. Rachael from all the way knew they have a daughter together but they are not together. I hope he gets the help he needs to become a better father. You can have anyone in your life. He even threatened her that he would seriously murder her. And what could a girl do after listening to all this?

Rachael was heard weeping in the background. Rachael Ostovich of Rachael Ostovich were drunk but the risks rose to that certain level where she had run off a balcony to save her life. The wicked incident led the couple to end their marriage. They filed for divorce. Berdon can visit his daughter only in presence of Rachael. He can only ask for reconsideration of custody after he completes the anger management Rachael Ostovich domestic violence intervention course.

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Hold on people, here is an embedded video that you cannot skip. Hardy, Rachael Ostovich former NFL defensive lineman was found guilty and arrested for assaulting a woman in His conviction was rubbed. And many questioned her about how it feels to be on the same card.

But she cleared the air saying, she Rachael Ostovich no problem with Greg. She also cleared all the rumors after meeting him in person. They do not have a fixed salary. And, there is no doubt that she is just after her career Rachael Ostovich works real harder.

She frequently hits the gym and tries to build that endless stamina and one-punch knock-out hand power.

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From her dress-ups to Rachael Ostovich destinations, everything seems extravagant. Not to mention, Rachael just fits into everything with her super sexy body. From modeling to advertising, she has the best partnership deals. Lately, she has thought of adding her own cosmetics line to the arsenal.

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