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Black church was one of R. Irene Monroe The long-awaited justice for R. For nearly 30 years, underage Black girls and their families have tried to bring Kelly to justice.

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Now the question being asked is, what took so long? However, several institutions failed these Black girls: judicial, law enforcement, the Black community and the Black church.

R. Kelly, tried to ‘intimidate, silence’ sex abuse accusers, lawsuit claims

However, accompanying Kelly from the courthouse to the graduation was the renowned Rev. Of course, you have to wonder R Kelly world Sapp had been orbiting in, since the controversy had been with Kelly for decades. However, when Black Twitter pounced on him for his lame excuse, Sapp then stated that prayer was part of his reasons for releasing the song.

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When you study scripture, you will notice that when God decided to do something great, He chose R Kelly flawed individual. Studies have revealed that Black girls, women, and non-binary individuals confront higher domestic violence and rape incidences. Nearly 60 percent of Black girls are sexually abused before 18, and Black women are killed at a higher rate than other women.

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The trope is expressed in Black art, literature, and Black liberation theology as a form of resistance and inspiration. As a child of sexual abuse, R. Kelly needed help.

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The girls Kelly held captive and abused needed rescue from him. The Black church missed the opportunity to help both. Irene Monroe is a theologian and syndicated columnist.

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