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Published on August 20, American Idol is often known for producing stars out of the contestants who advance far in the competition. No one knows this better than Queen Naija, who competed on the thirteenth season of Idol and Queen Naija spent the years since building her name and her career.

Who Is Queen Naija and What Is Her Net Worth?

Queen Naija is Queen Naija known for? She made it as far as Queen Naija Hollywood round but was cut before making it to the top She returned back home to Detroit and went back to work as a security guard, focusing her attention on building her YouTube presence with her husband Christopher Sails in her free time.

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Inshe had a Queen Naija public breakup with Sails after he was caught in a cheating scandal. She then started her own channel in her own name.

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Her father is from Yemen, and her mother is African American. Like, how I stuck by his side, and all that stuff.

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How I was a good woman, and how I felt. She capitalized on the quick success by releasing her self-titled EP in July ofwhich sold over 1 million copies and achieved RIAA-certified Platinum status.

How much money does Queen Naija make from YouTube and music? With approximately 4.

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