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By Kiko Martinez Directed by Scott Cooper Black Massthe film features Oscar winner Christian Bale as Joseph Blocker, an Army captain who is ordered to escort a Cheyenne chief and his family back to their tribal lands to ensure their safe return.

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Hostiles is in limited release and expands nationwide January We all have the capability of being hostile. That was an interesting moral thought.

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Banding together, we see the similarities we share. We see each other as mothers. We see things in each other that reflect one another. It comes down to just being a human being and recognizing another human being in front of you.

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We need to start focusing on the things that bring us together rather than the things that divide us. We all live on this beautiful, blue planet.

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When bad things happen, too often people will turn their cheek the other way or try to find a way to justify it to make themselves feel better. By looking at your history, you can learn from your mistakes.

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You start to get cast because your work is good and speaks for itself. The power goes back to the people.

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We have all the power and control if we come together as a community. I believe one small action a day multiplied by millions is what truly changes the world.

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I see young superheroes and young environmental activists. Things have gone so wrong in so many ways, people can no longer ignore it.

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We think about our future generations and are not shortsighted and just think about the here and now. Indigenous communities should not be seen as an obstacle to progress, but rather a necessity to progress. We are all in this together. All the issues facing the world today are not confined within borders. They affect all of us. I think there are many things that Q orianka Kilcher to be addressed, but right now it is a time for hopeful awakening for a lot of people who have been sleeping for far too long.