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Here are some interesting facts fans might not have known about her!

Priscilla Kelly is becoming the next success story of a talented independent wrestler getting over in WWE. The show is considered Priscilla Kelly part of her past she wanted to leave behind when moving into wrestling. Kelly is just 24 years old and was born on June 4, in Georgia.

Priscilla Kelly

Priscilla made her wrestling debut at the young age of Priscilla Kelly after getting trained. The six years of experience Priscilla Kelly still not being in her prime makes Kelly as a huge part of NXT 2. Priscilla Kelly was well-known on the independent circuit and had name value, but WWE wanted to switch things up for her debut.

Kelly had the same reputation on the independent circuit for some of her outlandish ideas that made her name value go up. Kelly is around the median height that makes it easier to work with opponents of all sizes, especially of the extreme heights.

Priscilla Kelly – Last Word on Pro Wrestling

Both wrestlers huge parts of the Evolve Wrestling promotion as young talents primarily making the smaller company their home. Allin would share rides with Priscilla and others as the two grew closer from that. The couple got married in November Priscilla Kelly and it lasted a little under two years.

Priscilla Kelly Cam Show

Kelly and Allin revealed that they were splitting up after the divorce around Priscilla Kelly summer of in a surprising announcement. Kelly still posts things in support of Allin during his biggest AEW moments and they each name each other as close friends despite the split.

Kelly has done a few spots that crossed the line Priscilla Kelly quite a few people in the wrestling world. Despite the strong list of names attacking her, Kelly used the controversy for future spots and it led to her becoming a bigger name in wrestling.