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In season five, Oliver recruits a team of vigilantes to help balance his double life as Green Arrow and Star City’s mayor. He is also stalked by a mysterious archer, Prometheus , who has some troublesome link to his past as the Arrow. Oliver is also facing with the possibility that his life might have been inadvertently affected by his friend and ally Barry Allen’s time-travelling actions. The season’s flashbacks explore Oliver’s time in Russia, where he joins the Bratva as part of an assassination ploy against Konstantin Kovar and exploring the criminal fraternity in the process.

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  • In the episodes “Lone Gunmen” and “The Odyssey”, Oliver is forced to reveal his identity to his bodyguard John Diggle and Queen Consolidated IT specialist Felicity Smoak .
  • In the 2022–20 television season, in the crossover “Crisis on Infinite Earths”, Oliver sacrifices himself trying to save Earth-38’s people.
  • Season two flashbacks focused on the deteriorating relationship between Oliver and Slade, the discovery of a formula that can create super strength and near invulnerability called the Mirakuru, and a group of prisoners being experimented upon just off the coast of the island.
  • The season three finale features Oliver killing Ra’s, and subsequently giving up being a hero for Starling City and leaving to have a new life with Felicity.
  • Unknown to his friends and family, Oliver has returned to Starling City to carry out a plan of redemption for his father, who Oliver believes failed to do everything he could to help the citizens of Starling City.

Designed by Mani at the end of season three, the costume originally had full sleeves. After input from producer Greg Berlanti and Amell, Mani redesigned the costume to show off the character’s biceps, and be more reflective of the comic book counterpart. According to Mani, “I wanted it to be tactical, so the shoulders are a little tougher […] I also wanted him to be able to remove a layer or be in the layer and still be the Arrow, but not have the full fig on.”

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Season three flashbacks focused on Oliver living in Hong Kong and training under Amanda Waller (Cynthia Addai-Robinson) and her subordinates. In the episodes “Lone Gunmen” and “The Odyssey”, Oliver is forced to reveal his identity to his bodyguard John Diggle and Queen Consolidated IT specialist Felicity Smoak . Afterward, each joins Oliver in his quest to save Starling City from a mysterious group who is determined to destroy the Glades, an area of Starling City filled with crime and the underprivileged.

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After Diggle and Tatsu help him place a scientist named Dr. Robert Wong in A.R.G.U.S. custody, Oliver reunites with Thea and Talia when he travels to Nanda Parbat where he learns Novu might be causing the crisis rather than preventing it. He is then taken back to the bunker where he meets the future versions of his children Mia and William as well as Connor Hawke, John’s future adopted son. Oliver decides to bond with future Mia and William as he expects that would he not live past the Crisis, shocked from learning his and his friends’ children are at war with each other in the future, and Rene’s daughter Zoe is killed by Diggle’s son J.J. Oliver and his team are able to gather the resources to try and oppose the Monitor’s predicted destruction, but Oliver is eventually killed in the opening hour of the Crisis when he sacrifices himself to help the residents of Earth-38 evacuate by protecting a tower that is holding back the anti-matter destruction.

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Ultimately, Oliver discovers that the group’s leader is Tommy’s father Malcolm Merlyn , who is also responsible for Oliver’s family’s yacht’s sabotage and thus his own father’s death, which leads Oliver and the elder Merlyn to become enemies. Season one also features flashbacks to Oliver’s time on Lian Yu and the inhabitants that he encounters while there. In season one, Oliver meets Yao Fei and Slade Wilson , who teach Oliver how to survive on the island, training him to fight and use a bow, while plotting to stop Edward Fyers from taking out a Chinese commercial airliner.

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Season four flashbacks focus on Oliver returning to Lian Yu on Amanda Waller‘s orders to infiltrate the mysterious Shadowspire organization. In season two, Oliver is initially found back on the island, having returned as penance for what he views a personal responsibility for the successful destruction of the Glades and the loss of his best friend. He eventually returns to save his family’s company, and decides that he needs to honor his friend by stopping crime in the city without killing. Oliver spends season two being harassed by Slade Wilson, who survived Lian Yu and arrives in Starling City determined to make Oliver suffer the way he did on the island.