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Upon realizing what happened to her father, Nora broke down as Ray comforted her for her loss. Eventually, Kuasa began having second thoughts about helping the Darhks to free Mallus and double-crossed them by handing Nate over in exchange for the Anansi Totem, which she secretly returned to Amaya. Later, after Nora caught her father just pretending to torture Nate while actually confessing to him his displeasure about Mallus taking over his daughter’s body, she was furious and started to drain Nate’s life force by herself. However, she was stopped by Wally, Amaya and Kuasa who she easily defeated. In retaliation for what her former ally did, Nora used her magic to extract the Water Totem from Kuasa’s body, killing her in the process and forcing the Legends to flee. Damien brought Nora to his nexus chamber underneath City Hall to wait for the end of the world.

  • However, after she was cured, Nora attacked and almost killed Ray, eventually knocking him out instead when her father suggested that it would be a better option to take him as their prisoner.
  • He lured Nora into a trap by having her enter the Waverider under “Mallus'” suggestion (actually a miniaturized Ray using a record of John Noble’s voice) and trapping her in a confinement magic circle.
  • Ray begged her to use the time stone to go back into hiding, confessing that he cared about her and only wanted her to be free.
  • Nora was subsequently arrested by the Time Bureau before Ray gave her father’s time stone so she could later escape and start a new life.

In an attempt to save Mona, Nora took on the mantle of Fairy Godmother from Tabitha and became bonded to Gary Green, who had then been Tabitha’s host. After the defeat of Neron, Nora doubled up as a member of Legends again and currently resides in the present as Ray’s girlfriend . “I want my sister’s death to be recognized as a serious issue — bullying is not OK. It cost me my baby sister’s life,” Grabowski said in an interview with The Sun. “I will do what I can be a voice for Mercedes but right now my family and I need to be left alone to grieve — we have lost a loved one.” Her death closely followed that of August Ames, another 23-year-old performer who took her own life on Tuesday, Dec. 5, 2022. Ames’ death rocked the industry, and her autopsoy also showed evidence of cocaine use, among other things.

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Nora tried to convince Sara that a life not full of regret and guilt would be the best path and coldly showed her an old mission from Sara’s time with League of Assassins, in which the victim’s daughter stumbled upon her dying father. Sara earlier pointed out that Nora’s path of villainy didn’t start when Oliver killed her father and that she once helped Nora regain control of herself when Mallus took over her that fateful day in Jitters. After Sara regained control, she left the realm, with Nora stating that she was making a mistake and Sara reassuring her she wasn’t. However, Nora later grew up to become a follower and vessel of the mysterious entity known as Mallus. She also became involved with the Order of the Shrouded Compass to resurrect her father, desperately wanting to save him from his dark fate. As Mallus grew stronger though, Nora began to have second thoughts on her loyalty to the demon.

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The trio then played a game of Heads Up, which began to lift her spirits up. However, Nora suddenly became scared again after seeing Green Arrow kill her father on TV, allowing Mallus to take control of her once more. She encouraged Nora to fight the demon, freeing the little girl from Mallus’ control. When Damien learned about the destruction of Tevat Noah, his first two questions were whether his wife and daughter were safe.