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The complex was leased to Necco until the end of August 2022. The type of Nekomimi which are 100% human, but are wearing fake headband cat ears and tails to imitate a cat like appearance, they try to act like one as much as possible as well. Cats are also a symbol of good luck for most Japanese people, the popular Japanese cat statue called Maneki-neko (招き猫) is believed to bring such luck. This is why this certain figurine is typically seen in almost every establishments in Japan. Is it a cat pictured to raising its paw upwards as if beckoning, hence its name nameliterally translates to “Beckoning cat”. In March 2022, chief executive Michael McGee announced that, unless a buyer for the company could be found, most of Necco’s workforce could be laid off as early as May 6, 2022.

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The real breakthrough for Necco came in the early 20th Century when they combined with two other confectioneries to create a candy powerhouse, the New England Confectionery Company. In addition to the wafers, Necco manufactures some of the most recognizable candies on store shelves. So are Mary Janes, those peanut butter and molasses taffy treats. If you’ve ever had a banana split chew, that’s Necco as well.

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In 1907, 5 and 6 Necco Court were added behind the existing complex, connected by a four-story interior bridge. With nearby rail and water transportation, BWC specialized in shipment and storage of sugar and molasses. In December 2007, a buyout of Necco was orchestrated by the private equity fund American Capital Strategies (in partnership with Clear Creek Capital and Domenic Antonellis, the company’s CEO). Necco announced the closure of its Pewaukee, Wisconsin, plant in March 2008.

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After completing level 380, Tiffi takes out a candy katana of sorts and beats the Bubblegum Troll in a fight. Neko girl is referred to as Nekomimi (猫耳) in Japanese and it literally means “Cat ears” in English. They are a cat-human hybrid who is looking very much like a person, but with additional features like cat ears, tail and sometimes, paws. They are mostly portrayed as the comedic relief to some series with a distinct way of speaking and acting, like a feline, because that’s what they are! The company’s failure to meet the terms of its TIF agreement led the Massachusetts Economic Assistance Coordinating Council to decertify Necco’s participation in the economic development program that administers the agreement. With the support of Revere’s mayor, the city council voted to maintain the tax break, which saves the company $300,000, reducing their annual property taxes to $750,000.