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9 Heavenly Hot Springs In Utah To Resurrect The Nomad In You

This water then got thrust upwards accumulating minerals to form the 200 feet wide Homestead Crater. Located in Inlet Park, it is accessible all year round consisting of three springs with a water temperature of about 109°F. In most places, the water percolates upwards from the murky ground. You will receive the exact item shown in the pictures.

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The water is as hot, pure, and healing as its ever been. The staff seem very dedicated to the place. This was among my favorite stops on my last motorcycle trip. Also known as Abraham Hot Springs, the hot water trickles down into the pools and is blocked by a piece of cloth when used by soakers.

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Owners are super nice and you really can’t beat a 1pm check out time. This little gem is a funky/junky/hippie/cool/magical spot! It is not Calistoga or Canyon Ranch. If that is what you are used to and looking for this is not for you. If you are looking for a fun, rustic, throw back era spot, you have landed in Nirvana. Mike and Aubrey were warm and wonderful.

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