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There are plenty of good actresses in the world who can do the job, but there are few who do the job so Milena Govich as Milena Govich. Outside of her role as Detective Cassady, who is she?

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Her active lifestyle, good genes, Milena Govich her schedule allow her to age well, take care of herself, and look far younger than her October 29,birthday conveys. She is from Milena Govich She was born and raised in the Midwest. She grew up in the town of Norman, Oklahoma, which is right there in the middle of the country.

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Both of Her Parents are Doctors Both of her parents worked for universities in Oklahoma, as mentioned previously. Both of her parents are also doctors who worked as professors of music.

FBI: Most Wanted director Milena Govich previews season 2 finale

Music runs in her family. She has a Famous Aunt Additionally, she also has a famous aunt.

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Her family is wildly talented, if that was not obvious to you already. Her aunt is the famous Milica Govich. She worked as an actress in the movies, on television, and she even had many roles on Broadway.

She graduated from high school as the valedictorian of her class — which means she had the Milena Govich grade point average of her entire class. She then turned around and went to college and graduated with her college degree while also being the valedictorian of her college class.

Her degree was a double degree — and she was valedictorian??? She then minored in Milena Govich and dance. She was enrolled in pre-med courses thinking she might take on a career in the medical field, but she chose to move to NYC following her college graduation.

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She wanted to be an actress. She made it happen. His name is David Cornue.

FBI: Most Wanted director Milena Govich previews season 2 finale

He works as a writerproducer, and composer. We mean she can really sing. She was asked, and she did it.