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And all the while, Mika was Mika Boorem, listening, paying attention to what was happening behind the scenes, learning the craft of filmmaking from the artisans behind the lens. And what a feature debut it is! Not only writing and directing, but starring in the film, this is the tale of Mika Hams, an aspiring actress who is mistaken for famed producer Veronica Lake.

Gabriella Wilde

Seizing on this case of mistaken identity as her chance to move her career along while helping her geologist explorer father Ben who was once a big deal in Hollywood step back into the limelight, Mika passes herself off as producer Veronica and heads to Guatemala to find a Mayan priest and obtain Mika Boorem blessing to shoot this film which revolves around the legend of a dwarf king and mystical jade. And while Mika is off on this adventure, back in Hollywood, typical Hollywood shenanigans abound with casting agents, actors, wannabe producers….

Wanting to please his son, El Jade agrees not to feed MIke to the crocodiles, but she must marry his zombie-loving son. Got that? CON is beyond fun Mika Boorem Mika as a filmmaker bringing everything to the table, but the kitchen sink; oh wait — there IS a kitchen sink!

Storywise she plays on all the tropes and trappings of Hollywood, tapping into the humor and pushing that to the absurd, while grounding the film with the dedication of an actress and loving daughter, mirroring her own drive and the real gift of HOLLYWOOD. CON, working with her dad Benjamin Boorem Mika Boorem plays her father in the film.

interview with “Hollywood.Con” director and actress Mika Boorem

She is so passionate about filmmaking and all of the creative elements she incorporated into Mika Boorem film. With every word she speaks, there is no question she LOVES making movies as an actor, as a director, as a creative force. CON is available now on Amazon Prime.

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