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June 5, pm Karolina Wojtasik As an actor, Michiel Huisman has had opportunities to take on a variety of roles, from the fantasy drama of Game of Thrones to Michiel Huisman romantic reverie of The Age of Adeline and the horror of The Haunting of Hill House. But in playing Alex Sokolov in The Flight Attendant — the HBO Max series optioned, exec produced by and starring Kaley Cuoco as flight attendant Cassie Michiel Huisman the Dutch actor gets to flex a new comedic muscle as the mystery man in a one-night stand gone horribly wrong.

Here, he discusses becoming the good-guy hallucination that haunts Cassie.

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Was that what attracted you to the part? So, Michiel Huisman thought that that was crazy cool and would be a challenge for me to try and tackle. And that was, I think one of the biggest challenges in making the show.

‘Game of Thrones’ Alum Michiel Huisman Joins Luke Evans in Apple Thriller Series ‘Echo 3’

That is really about writing, directing — you know? I felt, especially in the beginning, Kaley really Michiel Huisman that and knew how to drive a scene. And I was like hobbling along, and hopefully it got a bit better at a certain point. And so, that required a bit of adjusting, I think, for my part. DEADLINE: Viewers really get caught up in trying to figure out what happened with Cassie that night — how are we going to see that now play out in the second season now that the mystery has Michiel Huisman solved?

And over the course of this first season she needs to, or tries to, come to terms with that trauma. And I think Season 2 will be a bit of a departure from that, and it will be a Michiel Huisman adventure, without wanting to spoil anything. And my killing is by far not the heaviest.

I respect that these writers want to keep it nice and vague and then surprise their audience. So, it was strange. You would forget about all of it. Everyone is wearing insane amounts of PPE. This is so funny. And so am I. And I love ping-pong. You know, I go to a place where I get classes and stuff. He came to our studio in Brooklyn and gave her a lesson. And we had arranged Michiel Huisman a ping-pong table and so we would always, between scenes, just run Michiel Huisman lines while playing.

Come on.

Michiel Huisman Cast in Mark Boal’s ‘Echo 3’ at Apple – The Hollywood Reporter

We Michiel Huisman just keep it nice and friendly. Then the pandemic hit. You know what she gave me as a wrap gift? She had bought me a really nice Tiffany whiskey decanter. And she had it engraved. Love, Kaley. I have to live with that forever.

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