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Here is everything you need to know about her. She is Young She was born on November 7, Michelle Veintimilla allows us to assume she might be from Ecuador or that her family came to the states from the south American country at some point when she was little or before she was born. She was in the middle of her senior year in college when she was offered a role in a musical.

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The year wasand it was a life-changing moment for her. She did continue her education, and she earned her BFA while she was in college. Michelle Veintimilla was a principal dancer on the show back in when she was only a teenager.

It was a Michelle Veintimilla role. She is in A Relationship Michelle Veintimilla is in a relationship.

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His name is Eddy Lee, and he is also an actor. Veintimilla is one of the many who does recognize the importance of spending some quality time with herself each day.

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She knows it is important to sit down, to focus on her own life, to see herself from the inside out, and to center herself when she has the time. She also recognizes that moving her body is a tremendous way Michelle Veintimilla feel much better. She keeps that under wraps very well.

She maintains a sense of privacy in her own life that allows her to live peacefully in Michelle Veintimilla own home and area without fear that the press are watching her every move.

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She calls her mother her Ecuadorian queen, and she also calls her brilliant. She sounds like a great mom to us. Lo is the biggest role model in her professional life.

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She spent the entire quarantine living with her boyfriend and her family, and she considers that a blessing.