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McCool had a few different roles during her seven-year run as a WWE competitor.

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Michelle found her biggest success teaming with Layla in the heel LayCool team. Quite a few noteworthy stories have come out about Michelle throughout the years. The Michelle Mccool from Michelle saw her wondering if she should be upset since AJ made her feel anger like the job intends with such segments.

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This was noted on The Last Ride documentary series. Chris Jericho was one of the few wrestlers to commend them for their work and thought the heat was ridiculous. The decision Michelle Mccool leave WWE was done to get away from the negativity and focus on starting a family.

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Many women in the locker room felt Michelle Michelle Mccool using her relationship with a top star to help her career while Michelle Mccool others. The move to Raw in the draft allowed Maryse to break out away from Michelle and that chapter of drama in their careers. Michelle McCool felt this when having a match with Victoria upset management for the strangest reason.

Both ladies were criticized for their punches looking too good and were forced to film it again without the hits connecting as strongly. The match ended up going back to the original idea of Undertaker beating Rusev.


AJ Styles invented the move as the Styles Clash and made it popular in the wrestling community. Stratus and Snooki were criticized for coming in and getting a huge spot on the card at the expense of others.

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The anger towards McCool was due to her not working house shows since she had the same schedule as The Undertaker Michelle Mccool the time, only appearing for television. This isn’t entirely accurate however. The incident resulted in McCool getting a concussion and as a result, McCool stated she never wished for Beth Phoenix to be a "dream opponent" of hers.

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