Michelle Jenneke Companion Texas

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Thunder Rosa

Ignacia Allamand

She hears music in her head, and dances to it. She has been doing the same dance since she was first racing.

Michelle Jenneke Cam Show

She is starting with enthusiasm and momentum to go into extraordinary movement, using the performance energy to get ready. Her spring-loaded movement quality is apparent as she exceeds her competitors in the precision of her jumps and speed. Also clear here is the forward thrust of her head leading her movement- even though her legs have to get way out in front of her, the momentum of the movement is apparent in her head and torso. Her dance is a perfect Michelle Jenneke routine.

Katherine Timpf

Another important element of her routine- acknowledging and welcoming her audience. She waves at the crowd, smiling, clearly including them in the event. This is essential for performance readiness- inviting your Michelle Jenneke to be with you while you are being with them doing your performance.

Brennah Black

Like, every training session. There is friendliness with failure, seeking new information through experimenting.

Rosana Hernandez

This is deep play- exploration that leads to self-fluency, mastery and innovation.