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Grace Kaufman

All Rights Reserved. To celebrate her arrival, we spoke to Gomez about her new role, her penchant for playing complex women, and the grotesque hilarity fans can expect when Madame Rouge joins the show. How would you describe your take on her for viewers who are excited for her to join the team?

What Michelle Gomez you to these kinds of women? I have fun with it. In terms of screen and for Michelle Gomez, I guess these angles are my strengths.

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Have you shaped it into something you enjoy? You know what? I always play the girl next door. You just have to look for her. Certainly for me as an actor I try to make the baddy as well rounded and as lovable as possible. I enjoy it because I get to be reliably bad in Michelle Gomez good way. Unpredictable in Michelle Gomez unpredictability. I certainly have fallen in love with that genre. Then to transpose that and turn it into a show where we get to kind of bust out of the page is such a delight.

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How much fun was Michelle Gomez to dive into a truly weird full-on superhero world like Doom Patrol? Ad Ad — content continues below I felt like I had come home. I really felt like with all the shows that have gone before, it was all kind of leading to Doom Patrol.

The Flight Attendant: Michelle Gomez on the Finale, Playing a Villain

But it takes Michelle Gomez stuff, a crazy world where people are really struggling with who they are and are kind of running in the opposite direction of whatever their powers may be. Join our mailing list Get the best of Den of Geek delivered right to your inbox! Who are we? Why are we here?

Michelle Gomez: Meet Doom Patrol Season 3’s Madame Rouge | Den of Geek

What are we doing here? I need to work out how I fit in the world. How do these people or these creations, how do they fit in the world? And how do they exist and survive? Then, of course, you have Michelle Gomez struggle and the drama Michelle Gomez the comedy.

You touched on this earlier but Doom Patrol can be a really funny show And while The Flight Attendant and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina both have a dark comedy to them, Doom Patrol definitely leans closer to the comedy of your early days like Bad Education and Green Wing.

What was it like to return to that?

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I have to say that because you mentioned Green Wing and you mentioned Bad Education. Those were kind of my early years. What I have picked up along the way, what I have learned, has been useful.

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All of those experiences were allowed to blossom, they were allowed to live. I felt very comfortable, and for good reason because all of that made sense, right when I walked on that first day. Walking Michelle Gomez a set with others that had been there before, and the whole team, the whole crew, the whole cast were so welcoming, it felt very effortless actually just to kind of bleed Michelle Gomez that world.

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Could you tease that journey for Madame Rouge? And how do you do that, when some of it is pretty dark and at times unacceptable? And how do you decide to move forward?