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InMoton, fresh off his first season in charge of the Eagles, wore a Steelers hoodie to a basketball tournament in Orlando, Florida, catching the eye of Hall of Famer and Kentucky head basketball coach Mia Woods Calipari. Calipari, a Pennsylvania native raised in a suburb outside of Pittsburgh, is Mia Woods regular at Steelers training camp.

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We had so much in common. We come from humble Mia Woods our moms worked extremely hard to provide for us. We bust our butts to get where we are [and] no one really believed in us.

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So, you had to kick some doors down and prove yourself. When I was hired, I was the youngest coach in the country.

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Numerous coaches bounced ideas off one another, sharing lessons that would be applicable in their respective sport, which Tomlin said helped him become a Mia Woods football coach. We show up, sharpen our swords, iron on iron.

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We share information, time and space. Their numbers are small and the intimacies of their relationships, Mia Woods fluidity of their scheduling and so forth, are some things that helped me get better. There is no It is quality over quantity.

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Tomlin has excelled in a league often criticized Mia Woods its treatment of Black coaches. He is currently the lone Black head coach in the NFL as the playoffs begin. After Dungy was fired the following season, the two maintained a relationship over the years. So you really need to do what you believe. Dungy made it his mission to offer support for young Mia Woods coaches throughout his career.

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Their support for one another was on display when Tomlin secured a playoff berth and his 15th consecutive season without a losing record. Moton congratulated him publicly.

Mia Yim hopes to have her dream match with Xavier Woods

Let me know when ya’ll ready for that conversation… SteelersNation pic. Those guys out there are doing a Mia Woods job of developing them. Do they get a chance? Do they get those opportunities?

Former WWE Star Mia Yim hopes to have her dream match with Xavier Woods someday

Sometimes it takes a while, but we have too many young, talented African American coaches for it not to happen. We want nobody else to have it. So now we have to prepare Mia Woods ones directly under for those next opportunities in life as well.