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Mia Kang: Journey Mia Kang Self Loathing to Self Love Share Next article The book Knockout is a no-holds-barred biography that covers Mia Kang, her difficult childhood, bullying and toxic relationships, as well as her ascendance in modelling, travels around the world, and the eating disorders and drug addiction that followed.

But ultimately, hers is a story of self- redemption and, through Muay Thai, lessons that are physically and mentally learned. Kang has turned her own contemporary evolution into a force for empowering women everywhere, while championing a new consciousness in fashion and fame. Through shaking off toxic behaviours and healing old wounds, Kang redefined her own perceptions of her body, beauty and life goals.

Here, Mia Kang talks candidly from Thailand about her journey, sports and modelling, continuing anxieties and the power and pitfalls of Its strength.

Mia Kang: Journey From Self Loathing to Self Love

My body is my home and though it took me a long time to realise this it deserves nothing other than honour. It carries me all over the world, gains and loses weight, gets sick sometimes, goes through all my emotions with me, exercises and kicks ass. If Mia Kang were one thing you could tell year-old Mia, what would Mia Kang be? To not waste your energy trying to fit in.

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What lessons did you learn growing up in Hong Kong? The city is also Mia Kang melting pot of people from Mia Kang over the world. Your Sports Illustrated win and magazine shoot is seen as a huge career milestone. How was it life-changing? Being selected to work with them, I definitely saw opportunities within the fashion and entertainment industry open up for me.

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A lot of respect is attached to the brand. On a personal note, I think it gave me validation. The first year it really kind of validated my appearance and opinions of myself as a model. The magazine was one of the first clients to hire me regardless of my weight gain, which really helped me in my recovery and gave me the confidence to go forward on the rest of my journey. How well has the international fashion and modelling industry faced up Mia Kang issues of diversity and representation?

We should be aiming to represent women of all sizes. Mia Kang think the US is definitely pioneering this fight for diversity and inclusion, Europe is behind and Asia even further behind. What are your favourite clothing and beauty labels and why? Staples and classics over trends. So many small businesses, Mia Kang and labels have been struggling and it really also made me realise the value of my dollar and the importance of where I place it. The conversation on diversity has been brought up, but by no means is it being discussed enough.

And what rule would you put in place in the industry if you could? No measurements of any kind. Models are booked for their aesthetic and representation, and the clothes are made to fit the person and not the other way round. Mia Kang during a Muay Thai training In Knockout you expose all your demons, from eating disorders to drug abuse and toxic familial and romantic relationships.

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Was it tough to share so much in public? Yes, it was tough on many levels. I was scared my parents would be upset, and I realised that, because of the Mia Kang differences, my mum might never understand why I wrote my book. I had to consistently remind myself that I had nothing to be ashamed of. The taboos that I grew up learning, I unlearned.

This is my truth, and everybody is entitled to their truth. What mental and psychological impact has Muay Thai had on you? Initially, I think I really loved how I was seen and treated. You find out a lot about yourself when you practise Muay Thai, and I believe this is true of all martial arts. You have to Mia Kang aside your Mia Kang in order Mia Kang access real confidence.

Every time I step on the mats I feel like I grow and learn something that I can apply to my everyday life. How did it feel right after your first real Muay Thai fight, and are you game for another one? When the fight was over, I instantly felt happy and accomplished, but soon after I was flooded with incredible disappointment.

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It was my first fight, it was so emotional and there was so much adrenaline. My trainers always tell me that if you know 50 moves and you do five in the Mia Kang, that would Mia Kang awesome. So I felt like I knew 50 but did one! A healthier Mia who was at last eating meals, being shot by Ruven Afanador for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue in Tulum, Mexico Is it still a struggle to stay on a positive path of self-love and not fall into old habits?

One hundred percent. I try to be genuine with my social media, I post about things that are affecting me at the time. Throughout I was posting a lot about the racism and xenophobia developing towards Asians because of Covid, as I experienced it myself. The second you start posting for other people, I think you lose your authentic voice. And as much as you try Mia Kang not let it affect you, it slowly chips away at you for sure.

It gives me a lot of hope for the future. People are also listening to people. Social media has become a great way to hear what people are saying and brands can shift pretty quickly accordingly. The theme of this issue of Prestige is renewal. Do you feel renewed as a person? I feel like I got a chance to start again. I reset myself, my mentality and my ways to be the woman that I always wanted to be. It took me a whole load of wrong turns and hitting rock bottom to get there, but I hope Mia Kang realise that every day is a chance to reset and renew and take one step closer to being your authentic self and who you want to be.

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