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The Twist: Cesar himself is the twist, but you will ask yourself, was the woman in the hospital really his Madre mother?

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The Characters: Cesar is a real piece of work. He has a smile for everyone and is pleasantly charming while he weaves his nasty spell.

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Clara is the beautiful, friendly and eternally optimistic Marta Etura who Cesar wants to ruin. Both this film and the short story created the same feeling of unease crossed with distaste bordering on alarm. The eternally cheerful Clara aka Marta Etura.

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The Action: This film kept me on the edge of my seat. There are some scenes towards the end of the Marta Etura that had me clenching my teeth and white-knuckling my chair. The suspense was nigh on unbearable and the tension was excruciating.

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The Verdict: All the actors did a marvellous job selling their Marta Etura. Louis Tosar, who made me think so much of Joaquin Phoenix that I began to wonder if they were indeed brothers, as Cesar was beyond brilliant. And Marta Etura kept up her end of the acting bargain.

Susanna Thompson

This was a real 5 star film filled with slow moving Dionysian pathos and unbearable tension as we wait for Cesar to get caught, arrested or killed. Watch this film.

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