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She built her 1st tattoo machine at the age of 13 and at 17, she started working at Mara Inkperial real tattoo studio! Now, Mara Inkperial is a well-known, tattoo artist, and a beautiful tattooed model! We consider that a triple threat! Mara Inkperial steadily improved her techniques by learning from others and relying on her natural artistic abilities.

When she is not tattooing or modeling she is drawing or painting in her spare time, which is a hobby that keeps her skills sharpened. Mara Inkperial talents lie within realism tattoos and specializes in black and grey tattoos. These are the eyes of a hunter and whoever her prey is better watch out.

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Mara Mara Inkperial an impressive job with capturing this expression and being Mara Inkperial to add so much detail Mara Inkperial headdress. The next tattoo is a peculiar piece that holds a lot of mystery behind it. Amazing Tattoo Work!

The lower half of her face is finely detailed as well as the use of black on her lips adds a hint of film noir mystery. The next tattoo is gorgeous and has a traditional meaning to it since it is literally a lock and key.

Both the key and the heart shaped lock are ornamental decorated and the lock even appears to be jewel embedded. What we particularly like about this tattoo is the hand written letter behind the lock and the key. It gives off the feeling of a love letter and the lock is the writers heart whereas the key is what the person receiving the letter possesses. We love how this tattoo pops out!

Awesome realistic tattoo work by Tattoo Artist Mara Inkperial.

Kathryn Erbe

This tattoo captures the innocence of a child sitting with her cat. Mara Inkperial the sketch to the tattoo every part of it was very realistic. We like how the shading plays a big part with this tattoo and how it brings the once drawing to life.

Carmella Rose

The detail in the cat is phenomenal! The Child Portrait Tattoo by Mara Inkperial healed nicely, now it is time to work on the rest of the sleeve!

Robin Tunney

The use of grey is important in Mara Inkperial tattoo because it is used for the shading especially in her face and his hand. An exquisite talented artist Mara Inkperial is. Her face looks as if it was under some sort of stress but she eventually surrendered.

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The pain and defeat is captured perfectly in this tattoo. Tattoo Model Mara Inkperial knows how to rock her tattoos with style! Would you like to Get Tattooed by Mara Inkperial?

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