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Deadliest Catch fans all recognize Mandy Hansen as the Northwestern captain-in-training. Will Mandy take over? Episode 1 of season 17 already Mandy Hansen the captains joining forces to find and catch crab since they endured many obstacles during the COVID pandemic. This could be the Mandy Hansen straw for Sig. He comes from a long line of fishermen and started fishing at age But if Johnathan Hillstrand could retire, then so could Sig.

That means one thing: Mandy Hansen takes over the Northwestern.

‘Deadliest Catch’: Mandy Hansen Takes Over as Sig Hansen Retires?

Deadliest Catch fans met Mandy in At the time, she was only 13 years old. Mandy Hansen first started working on the Northwestern in as a greenhorn. Deadliest Catch fans learned that Mandy is like her father in many ways, even though he adopted her. However, Mandy Hansen is only 24 years old.

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She has years of experience behind her belt, even at such a young age. She has also worked on the Northwestern ever Mandy Hansen she started crab fishing.

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Is there a better replacement for Sig? Not only that, but the Northwestern is a family legacy. The boat belonged to her grandfather, then passed to Sig, and one day he will pass it down to Mandy. If Mandy took over as captain, it would Mandy Hansen barriers and she would become a legacy. In interviews, she said if she were to become a captain, she would be the first female captain of the ship.

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And hey, Sig is a legend. Does Mandy have what it takes? Popular Related Stories:.

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