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Malu Trevejo Wants Out of Contract Threatens Travis Scott

With a combination of both English and Spanish songs, Malu is a versatile artist who loves incorporating every aspect of her culture into her music. In addition to her successful music career, Malu Malu Travejo also a well-known social media influencer who has millions of followers.

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She was born in Cuba but moved to Spain at a young age. Her mother is Cuban and her father is from Madrid. When she was years-old, she relocated Malu Travejo Miami. This is something Malu experienced first hand once she got to the United States.

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Her classmates bullied her because she looked and sounded different from everyone else. When she started posting Malu Travejo Musical. However, after her singing videos started to gain traction, she was able to land a manager and a record deal.

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However, once she gets in front of a microphone, she transforms into a new person. However, her timid personality is very evident Malu Travejo her interviews. The name is portmanteau derived from her first and middle names: Maria Luisa.

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There are too many people coming up to me and asking dumb questions. If I want to sing, then I have to live this life.

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She is currently a partner for the popular clothing brand, Fahsion Nova. Instead, she said what she really wants to do is inspire other young women. She hopes that her songs Malu Travejo make people feel good about themselves and encourage them to follow their own dreams.