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Maddie Henderson

Egocentrism and no accountability is why people dislike the character. I think Grace on Lone Star might get the same reaction if she got more screentime. I understand where you’re coming from and agree, but she was just really scared of losing him so was clinging a little harder.

Maddie Hen re coming from and
  • He is later arrested for a series of murders including Claudette as part of a hero complex gone wrong.
  • (“Hen Begins”, “Bobby Begins Again”, “Eddie Begins”, and “Jinx”) She appeared in archive footage in “Chimney Begins”.
  • Maddie and her younger brother, Evan Buckley were born in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Maddie was barely more than a child herself and she was basically the only loving influence in Buck’s life. Maddie preferred to stay in an abusive marriage than seek help from her parents. This fact alone points to parents being absolute failure as parents. Pretty clear their parents were to wrapped up in themselves to care for Buck or Maddie. Maddie actress Jennifer Love Hewitt has recently given birth in real life so it’s been speculated that her character’s departure from the show is only temporary so that she can take some maternity leave.

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But really, for now I’m just still reveling in the “We made it to the end!” and looking forward to lots of fun and cool stuff for next year. I think that Buck and Taylor breaking up has been inevitable for some time. And I think that there’s a part of Taylor that knew that. She forgave him and was willing to go forward because she was already — but you see in previous episodes he asks her not to do a story and she promises she won’t. He really probably shouldn’t have asked her to not do the story, because that’s her job, and she should not have promised that she wouldn’t do the story, because she knew she was going to. I think that they were both just waiting for the inevitable.

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