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The Lucy Poems

This arrangement allowed the two dream-based poems (“Strange fits” and “A slumber”) to frame the series and to represent the speaker’s different sets of experiences over the course of the longer narrative. In terms of chronology, “I travelled” was written last, and thus also served as a symbolic conclusion—both emotionally and thematically—to the “Lucy poems”. The narrator’s conscious presence is wholly absent from the next stanza, which moves forward in what literary theorist Geoffrey Hartman describes as a “motion approaching yet never quite attaining its end”. When the moon abruptly drops behind the cottage, the narrator snaps out of his dream, and his thoughts turn towards death.

  • The decision to include this work is based in part on Wordsworth’s decision to place it in close proximity to “Strange fits” and directly after “She dwelt” within Lyrical Ballads.
  • Mahoney views “Three years” as describing a masculine, benevolent nature similar to a creator deity.
  • Although Wordsworth claimed that the poem was composed while he was still in Germany, it was in fact written during April 1801.
  • According to Jones, such parodies commented in a “meta-critical” manner and themselves present an alternative mode of criticism.
  • A major poet and one of the foremost critics of the day, Coleridge collaborated on Lyrical Ballads with Wordsworth and remained a close friend and confidant for many years.

Wordsworth’s anguish was compounded by the contrast between his life and that of his friend. Coleridge’s financial means allowed him to entertain lavishly and to seek the company of nobles and intellectuals; Wordsworth’s limited wealth constrained him to a quiet and modest life. Wordsworth’s envy seeped into his letters when he described Coleridge and his new friends as “more favored sojourners” who may “be chattering and chatter’d to, through the whole day”. BBC tells stars to not promote clothing brands on social media after horse racing presenter breached the… Grand Duke George of Russia and his wife Victoria announce they are expecting their first child together eight months after their glitzy St Petersburg wedding .

“i Travelled Among Unknown Men”

The possibility remains, however, that Wordsworth is referring to England as a physical rather than a political entity, an interpretation that gains strength from the poem’s connections to the other “Lucy poems”. The narrator of the poem is less concerned with the experience of observing Lucy than with his reflections and meditations on his observations. Throughout the poem sadness and ecstasy are intertwined, a fact emphasised by the exclamation marks in the second and third verses.

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