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After she tried to flirt with and seduce Jim, Cathy quickly became a hated character among viewers. Even though she only appeared in season 8, people really let their hatred fester for Cathy. And Lindsey Broad still faces very intense fan abuse from those who are still holding a grudge. The details of the attack are brutal, and any pet owner would be devastated if the Lindsey Broad thing happened to them.

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Instead of sympathy, however, Broad received an onslaught of hateful comments from The Office fans who still associate her with a role she played years ago. There ya go!

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The Office went off the air infor crying out loud! And even if it was still on right now, making comments like that to Broad are extremely uncalled for and cruel. However, they are portrayed by real actors, with Lindsey Broad lives and feelings. Cathy was not an actual person; she Lindsey Broad just a plot device the writers used to create tension between Jim and Pam.

Seriously, leave Lindsey Broad alone!

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