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Doris started out this season as the lone smart soul walking into horror movie hell.

‘American Horror Story’s Lily Rabe Explains How ‘AHS’ “Broke the Mold”

The second she realized that Provincetown was overrun with vampiric copycats, she wanted to run. Instead, Lily Rabe was traumatized, gaslight, and ultimately abandoned by the very husband and daughter she gave everything to protect. How have you seen the show evolve? Ryan [Murphy] sort of broke the mold when he created the world of American Horror Story. Also, just the fact that there is this repertory group of actors that get to Lily Rabe coming back together and the crew and the directors, there is this feeling of family.

And, of course, getting to welcome new people in all the time with open arms. What was the prosthetics and the makeup like for that?

Melanie Smith

What are you talking about? I do have a lot of hair.

Ashley Banks

How they got it all under a bald cap was definitely a feat. But Lily Rabe had done it once before on the show. There was a bald cap, of course, and all sorts of makeup.

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I think that there are also phases for Doris even before she has taken the pill. She has the people she loves and trusts telling her that her sense of Lily Rabe, what she knows is true, is being completely manipulated and questioned so that she is losing her sense of reality. She is being driven to some other kind of sanity, or lack thereof, by this psychological torture.

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Even then, Lily Rabe had these very bloody cuticles that were partially self-inflicted shooting the episode. There is an IV drip that is being put in her arm that is not from the doctor, so that is happening.

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He gets through for a second. Her ability to understand what he is saying, who she is, where she is, anything human is going away.