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The show first premiered back in and is now in its third season. New episodes of season three air Mondays at 8PM. Roswell, New Mexico was already renewed for a fourth season as well! With Max Evans Nathan Dean coming face to face in the final moments of Season 2 with an alien that looks like him… Season 3 will find him, and his alien siblings, tasked to uncover who exactly this mysteries figure is.

Which is good timing, as in addition to a mysterious alien that looks just like Max offers context to why our heroes Lily Cowles on Earth in the first place, a Lily Cowles radio signal begins broadcasting across Roswell, Alex Manes Tyler Blackburn finds himself in the crosshairs of a new clandestine organization and Michael Michael VlamisIsobel Lily Cowles and Rosa Amber Midthunder all begin exhibiting new powers.

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Confusing things even further is an eerie glimpse Maria Heather Hemmens gets of the future… Someone they love is going to die. Keep reading Lily Cowles find out all the details!

NOC Interview: Lily Cowles Discusses All Things ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ – The Nerds of Color

It has been insanely good so far. Lily Cowles: I think so too, right?

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Season one, she sustained some pretty intense traumas romantically. So I think, there was the really necessary, good time of her being single, figuring out her life on her own, and rediscovering who she was.

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She Lily Cowles such a big shift in her own identity, going from this kind of like Stepford wife, buttoned up, a lot of it was this facade that she built up to really discovering who she was as an authentic individual. On top of that, her family seems to be kind of growing, she maybe has another person thrown into the mix, so a lot of exciting stuff for Isobel.

The show was renewed for a season four ahead of season three even premiering so huge congrats on that. What was your reaction when you Lily Cowles the news? I mean, this was my first big job. Isobel, the character, has gone through an enormous arc. Isobel can be kind of bitchy, she can be really funny, she can be extremely warm and loyal, she can be like chill and having a good time.

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She was very limited, she kind of had all these walls up, was very guarded, and then the Lily Cowles that she sustained in season one, it was rough to go through that but then also really opened the door for this enormous growth. To be able to represent that journey for women has been such an honor and a pleasure for me, as an actor and a human being. When we heard about season four, I was on set, I was tearing around set, screaming at the top of my lungs. So, knowing that we were going to be able to come back Lily Cowles just such a thrill.

How is he going to fit in?

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What role does he play? Do we want to bring him into Lily Cowles conflict? The fan response to Roswell, New Mexico is amazing, so I want to ask you what has been like to hear from the fans about your performance, the character of Isobel, and just the show in general? What has your experience been like with that?

So you like that, okay. I think it has a really deep impact on our work, the sense of pride that we bring to it, and the sense of obligation Lily Cowles we have.

NOC Interview: Lily Cowles Discusses All Things ‘Roswell, New Mexico’

Which are some of your personal favorites to bring to life on screen? Then I come in like a bull in a china shop and I just ruin his day. I think we have these two Lily Cowles that when we are in a scene together something fun and alchemical happens between Isobel Lily Cowles Kyle. This is gonna be great.