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Over the course of five decades, Lili has been gracing our screens with her tremendously talented presence.

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From movies to TV shows, she is capable of doing a little bit of everything, and she truly has the range to play any kind of character. Not only do fans love her work, but her skills have also been noticed by her peers in the industry. Throughout her Lili Taylor, she has been nominated for three Primetime Emmy Awards.

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She Spoke Out Against Harvey Weinstein When allegations regarding Harvey Weinstein began to circulate a couple of years ago, there were some mixed responses. She is the type of actress who, even at a young age, could never picture herself doing anything different.

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The program also boasts several other notable alumni including Amy Pietz. Lily, on the other hand, has never shied away from telling her story in regards to mental health.

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She has been very open about the fact that she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Instead of medication, however, Lili has used her art and her creativity as a way to treat the illness. She is the type of celebrity who has never bought into celebrity culture and all of the obsessiveness that comes with it. I tried to quit for a long time…Eventually I did Lili Taylor [nicotine] patch and Lili Taylor gum.

Lili Taylor Talks Harvey Weinstein: I Knew He Was a Pig, Not a Rapist

I really recommend the patch. She Likes To Spend Time Outdoors To Relax Lili has been fortunate to have an acting career that has been long Lili Taylor consistent, but a busy schedule can also mean dealing with lots of stress.

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When Lili is feeling the pressure of everything around her, she loves to go outside and enjoy a nice walk through Central Park. She and her husband, Nick Flynn have one child together.

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Nick also Lili Taylor in the entertainment industry and is a playwright and poet. She grew up in a household where her mother loved nature and instilled the same thing in Lili. She has a trained eye when it comes to looking for birds and can spend hours outside watching them come and go.