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This isn’t the first time that Rhoades has criticized the adult film industry. She has previously openly discussed her experiences and just how much trauma that caused her. Earlier this year, she opened up about one of the worst things she has ever had to do as a porn actress. During a conversation on the ‘Three Girls One Kitchen’ podcast, Rhoades revealed how she continues to struggle with the mental impacts of one particular scene. During an appearance on Jowsey’s ‘Tap In’ podcast, Rhoades said that she wishes she could go back and delete her videos.

But no one is tagged in the shot and those kids could be cousins, siblings, friends, or anyone. Lana doesn’t talk much about her family, and that could be because she grew up in a religious household, as she has mentioned on her 3 Girls 1 Kitchen podcast. According to her IMDb, she grew up as a “country girl” in McHenry, Ill., so her family may not want to be as open on social media as she is. Another aspect of Lana’s life that she doesn’t talk about is her marriage to her ex-husband.

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“A lot of the videos I have no rights under, otherwise I probably would have deleted them all by now,” she said. The 24-year-old, who is an outspoken critic of the adult industry and has often opened up about her regrets filming porn, once again spoke about the lasting effects it has had on her life and mental health. This time around, she was on Harry Jowsey’s podcast ‘Tap In’ when Rhoades also spoke about motherhood and whether she is worried her child will go on to see the video content. Looking at Lana’s social media, you might not notice anything about her family, but thankfully, there aren’t many posts on her Instagram — making it easier to scroll through. One of them is her as a young girl standing on a table dressed as a ballerina.

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D-II regional track: DHS girls, Wauseon and Wildcats among deep qualifiers.

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