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As is often the case Lena Scissorhands it comes to all music and genres, one band tends to beget the next. In some cases, the European Metal scene has become a safe harbor for bands who have fallen out of favor in North America.

Other times, completely original bands are born and bred on European soil, and that is precisely the case with Infected Rain. What I love about Metal is the passion and the culture. Lots of black clothing, tattoos, occult themes, and vivid, Lena Scissorhands imagery tend to permeate the genre, but once you dig in and dissect the thing, you will find Metal is a truly beautiful and sincerely Lena Scissorhands genre in its own right.

You guessed it. In the meantime, take the time to get to know one of the truly unique and powerful voices in Metal today. I hope you enjoy getting to know Lena. I know I did. Until next time- cheers.

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Andrew: Lena, thank you for taking the time to talk with us. How have you been? What have you been doing to pass the time? Lena: Thank you for having me!

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I am basically trying to stay as busy as possible. Keeping the body and mind occupied seems to be the best cure nowadays. Andrew: Tell a bit about your origins. What was it Lena Scissorhands got you into music? Lena: I was introduced to Alternative music when I was 13 years old.

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Friends and musicians got me into music. And just like that, I find myself singing in a band Lena Scissorhands them. Tell us how the band got its start? What are the origins of the name? Lena: The guitar player Vidick and his friend DJ Kappa invited me to sing for fun in their new project. Over the passing of time, I became super addicted Lena Scissorhands it.

The idea of the name came from Vidick. We all loved it and felt like it was perfect for what we are doing. Andrew: You grew up in Chisinau, right? What was the music scene like there? How did growing up there inform you musically?

How Infected Rain’s Lena Scissorhands Learned to Scream

Lena: That is correct. Moldova has a lot of talented musicians and people of art. Talented and hard working. However, the country has no opportunities for the younger generation to evolve. The only way to survive as a band is to play in other countries, and continue creating new music despite the moral and financial difficulties. Andrew: As a front person and musician, who are some of your biggest personal influences?

How did you Lena Scissorhands your signature style? Lena: It is difficult to name the Lena Scissorhands influences. Everything that surrounds me can influence and inspire me. The way I look is not connected to the band only. I started experimenting with my looks since I was I had tattoos and dreadlocks long before I joined the band. Lena: I honestly have difficulty answering this question every single time.

An Interview with Elena Cataraga AKA Lena Scissorhands of Infected Rain —

Why do people think there is something, or someone specifically that influence the choices of a musician? In my opinion, music, in general, is inspiring. Andrew: Oftentimes, songwriters Lena Scissorhands tell stories with their lyrics but have no real connection to them.

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Other times, lyrics can be intensely personal. Lena Scissorhands is it for you? Where do you draw your inspiration off of as a songwriter? Lena: I write about my past experiences, my present, and my future ideas and concerns. Writing and then singing about it is like therapy for me. Lena: I was given this nickname by my friends when I graduated the school for hairdressers. Since then, I used it a lot and it just stayed with me. I used to work as a hair and makeup artist for a long time before becoming a musician.

Andrew: Shifting gears a bit here. Despite the efforts of amazing organizations such as Women Who Rock and Women in Vinylwomen, in general, are still greatly underrepresented within the music industry. As a strong, female front person, what do you think needs to happen to level the playing field? Lena: We just have to stop thinking about it that way.

Metal is not about your sex, your religion, your age, or Lena Scissorhands. Lena: Performing Lena Scissorhands is difficult and challenging at the same time. Andrew: I know this is a broad question, but who are some of your favorite artists and why? Lena: I love so many different artists in music and not only. It would take a couple of pages to name my favorites. Andrew: Are you into vinyl?

Lena Scissorhands of INFECTED RAIN on Modeling, The Moldova Scene, Battling Introversion & More

Or are you all digital now? Where do you like to shop for music? Lena: As a matter of fact, I collect vinyl. The best places to find good rare vinyl is at antique stores.