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Whatever Happened to Lela Rochon? Camille Moore 2 months ago During the s, Lela Rochon was one of the hottest Black actresses in the entertainment industry. Unfortunately, however, things started to slow down for Lela towards the end of the 90s, and Lela Rochon started to see less and less of her.

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Keep reading to find out what happened to Lela Rochon. After making a string of small movie and TV appearances, Lela got her big break in when she earned a main role in the movie Waiting to Exhale which is based on a Terry McMillan novel of the same name. The role put her in the spotlight Lela Rochon a major way and doors began to open up for her.

After that, she appeared in a series of movies and it seemed Lela Rochon she had a bright future in acting. Needless to say, lots of people were surprised when they started seeing less of her. Where Is Lela Now? The answer is actually pretty simple.

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InLela married filmmaker Antoine Fuqua. Sadly, Lela suffered a miscarriage five Lela Rochon into her first pregnancy. After that, the next pregnancy was pins and needles for me and everyone around me. Anytime relatives Lela Rochon a late night phone call, they worried I had bad news…Probably the biggest problem was me. You always feel that it is your fault when something happens. In fact, one of those opportunities was the movie The Help.


However, she decided to turn it down after reading the script. I actually threw the script in the trash can. Over the years, she has made a few on-screen appearances here and there, but her Lela Rochon role was in in in the OWN series David Makes Man. There are rumors that she will be reprising her role in an upcoming movie called Boomeranged which is a sequel of the movie Boomerang.

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For now, however, it looks like Lela is continuing to enjoy her life away from the spotlight.