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The Scot, 25, took a year out of the game and shut her social media accounts after the terrifying discovery in the spring of Leigh Nicol pictured in her Crystal Palace kit.

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Nichol bravely chose to waive her anonymity and speak out about the traumatising incident, in a bid to help others educate themselves on the adult online world. It was a Leigh Nicol between having a panic attack and being sick. It was absolutely atrocious. They are giving these websites a lot of money with their views, their sharing and their downloading but there are victims here.

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I feel like prevention is better than someone having to react to this. Leigh Nicol Nicol on the field at training. I am so grateful that I have found a club like Palace that allows me to be myself.

Leigh Nicol

They have supported me as a human being. Three other British women also form part of the lawsuit, filed in California on Thursday, with 34 women in total making complaints.

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Of the women, 14 of them were underage when the videos were uploaded, and another 14 were the victims of Leigh Nicol sex criminals. Jane Doe 2 was reportedly blackmailed by convicted child sex offender Abdul Hasib Elahi, 26, and was forced to send him explicit photos and videos aged 15, which were then shared onto sites including Pornhub.

Elahi will be sentenced in September Leigh Nicol admitting offences at Birmingham Crown Court, after being arrested in but continuing to offend until August despite being on bail. One video that Jane Doe 2 was forced to film was shared to Snapchat by a classmate, and was then screen recorded and posted on Pornhub along with other photos and videos of her.

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According to the lawsuit in Decembertwo years later, there are at least five separate links or videos of Jane Doe 2 still active. Only when Jane Doe 6 sent an image of her passport to confirm her age did the website respond, but allegedly the video was not removed.

Pornhub takes every complaint regarding the Leigh Nicol of its platform Leigh Nicol, including those of the plaintiffs in this case.