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Learn what laws and regulations govern work by those under 18, what types of work are allowed, and how to obtain a work permit.

Children and Teens

Does Virginia have laws about Legal Teens labor? In general, child labor laws are intended to protect the health and safety of children, to prevent exploitation, and to ensure that work does not interfere with their educational opportunities. There are also state regulations that define hazardous occupations and govern the employment of minors in various types of occupations. The regulations are contained in Title 16 of the Virginia Administrative Code.

Legal Teens does someone get an employment certificate?

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The Virginia Department of Labor and Industry has an automated, employment certificate process. Children and their parents no longer need to apply for an employment certificate at their school, but can apply online at the Dept. There are three key documents required for an employment Legal Teens. They are: Permission to Employ — This form is Legal Teens out by the parent, guardian, or custodian.

The employer must state clearly the kind of work the teenager will be performing, the number of days per week, the number of hours per day, and the amount of time given for lunch periods. What are age certificates? Age certificates serve as proof of age. They are issued by Work Permit Issuing Officers, typically to workers age 16 and older. Proof of age is often requested by an employer as part of the hiring process when the job requires that the worker be 16 or older.

Virginia law defines two types of employment certificates: A vacation or part-time certificate permits the employment of a minor between 14 and 16 years of age only during school vacation periods and on days when school is not in session, or outside Legal Teens hours on school days. To qualify as a work-training program, there must be a written agreement between the employer and the school that meets certain requirements. This depends on the type of job you want.

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If you are 14 or 15 and have an employment certificate, you are allowed to work: in any office job; in hospitals and nursing homes doing kitchen duties and room and hallway cleaning; as a cashier for a dry cleaners as long as no processing is done on the premises; in food service Legal Teens dishes, waiting on tables but not serving alcoholic beveragesand as a cashier or kitchen helper with restrictions Legal Teens at bowling alleys; at a swimming pool as gatekeeper or in concessions; and on the beach handling beach equipment.

Minors 16 and 17 of age are not required to obtain an employment certificate and are permitted to hold many other types of jobs. They are, however, barred from working in certain particularly hazardous jobs. In what places or occupations are those under 16 not permitted to work?

Minors under 16 are prohibited from several occupations, which are considered unhealthy, unwholesome Legal Teens dangerous. What types of work is someone under 18 not allowed to do? At what age can someone be a lifeguard? At 15 you can be a lifeguard at a pool. You must be 16 or older to be a lifeguard at a beach. What hours are minors allowed to work?

For those Legal Teens 14 or 15, work hours depend on school schedule, day of the week, and occupation.

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In addition, the person must be given a minute rest or meal period after five consecutive hours of work. They must, however, comply with the compulsory school attendance law and curfew Legal Teens that may apply and these will influence times they can lawfully work.

What rules are there about working in a store or restaurant where alcohol is served? In a restaurant where mixed beverages are served, no employee working in the capacity of a server can be under the Legal Teens of No bartender can be under the age of Staff such as busboys, cooks, and kitchen help can be of any age.

What are the requirements for minors under the age of 18 to participate in volunteer fire fighting? When employing minors, what responsibilities do employers have?

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This means that an employer cannot put you in a situation that can endanger your life, health, or morals, or cause you to be overworked, tormented, Legal Teens cruelly treated. Any person violating this section shall be guilty of a Class 6 felony. It is important to note that even when an employer is in compliance with Virginia law, the employer may nevertheless Legal Teens in violation of the federal Fair Labor Standards Act.

Employers who are covered by federal law must insure that they are in compliance with federal as well as Virginia law. Information about federal laws and rules on child labor is available Legal Teens the Wage and Hour Division of the United States Department of Labor website.

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