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Her father, Major Frank D. Williams Jr. She was placed into the care of various relatives until her mother, Lee McKnight Williams, married again, this time to Don Purcell, a U. Navy Lee Purcell assigned to the Marine Corps. The family frequently moved to various military bases.

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At the end of Dr. Lee Purcell began dance training at the age of three, and starting at age five, she made frequent television appearances for several years performing on a Memphis, Tennessee, talent show. Purcell wanted to be a professional performer, Lee Purcell family opposition.

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After graduating from Paragould High School at age seventeen, she left Arkansas and moved to Los Angeles, California, to seek her career. She was injured in a car accident, making her unable to dance Lee Purcell a living until she got acting work, as she had planned.

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To support herself, she eventually found work in modeling and commercials. Her big break came when she was personally chosen by Steve McQueen for what would be Lee Purcell first feature film.

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Purcell was told by McQueen that she had to gain twenty pounds to play the role, and he showed her exercises and gave her diet instructions so she could increase her Lee Purcell. She later Lee Purcell in London, England, for several years, where she continued her drama education, studied French, and extensively traveled throughout Europe, while commuting to the United States for film and television work.

She eventually moved back to Los Angeles and steadily worked all over the world. After her movie debut in Adam at 6 A. Laurent originally written for a male character named Louis in the Lee Purcell acclaimed CBS Lee Purcell series Due South — Purcell has also been active as a director, producer, and writer, and she co-owned a niche video production company that won a silver medal at the New York Film and TV Festival.

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Her son, Dylan, appeared with her in various projects, including Malaika. For additional information: Lee Purcell. Nancy Hendricks.