Lee Meredith Escort North Carolina

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Gale, whose husband, Daniel Galewas struggling to sell the undesirable Lee Meredith wooded land, and they agreed on a plan to subdivide the Lee Meredith in partnership. Maude Terry played a key role by finding prospective buyers for the newly created Azurest lots and went on to co-manage the Azurest Syndicate Inc. At a time when discriminatory practices like redlining otherwise prevented people of color from financing property, the Azurest Syndicate made it possible for African Americans to obtain mortgages and fund construction.

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Smith, as well as attorney Dorothy C. Better known for her work in Virginia, Amaza Lee Meredith — was an educator and artist, and one of the very first African American female architects. After earning B. I have the feeling that the organization is making history and none of it should be lost. Thesis, Georgia Lee Meredith University, Other than Edendot and her summer house, we do not yet know how many houses Amaza Lee Meredith designed or how Lee Meredith remain standing, but as one of the first black women to practice architecture professionally in America, her designs are incredibly significant.

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Any surviving examples would be worthy candidates for preservation.